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Combating loneliness in the Stokes

It is clear as I look back over my first year in Little Stoke that the pandemic has left a legacy of loneliness. I hear many stories of the thriving community and have seen glimpses of it over this last year as people grow in confidence and begin once again to emerge into community life.

However, it is still a big problem as people became disconnected during lock-down and struggled to find the space and even the courage to connect with others again.

Loneliness is the new pandemic and we must do everything we can to offer a place of welcome where people can be themselves, feel comfortable and safe.

Little Stoke Baptist Church (LSBC) has always been and remains a safe place for people to come for a coffee and a chat, bring a hobby, do a jigsaw and just chill out. We offer a space where each person is accepted as they are and for who they are.

Our coffee morning space has evolved over the last year, offering space for mums with toddlers, friendship for the older in our community and a place of connection for all. As winter approaches it is evolving again, moving from our newly renovated back garden in the summer to our warm and welcoming lounge space and hall.

Some people stay for a quick cuppa and others for lunch, some bring their hobbies, some like to chat, others do a jigsaw, some bring their toddlers and still others bring their friends. It is a space for the community to use the way they need, knowing they will always find a warm welcome, relaxing atmosphere and a friendly face. Refreshments on both days and lunch on a Thursday are free.

You are invited to this community warm welcome space on a Wednesday 2-4pm and Thursday 10am-2pm.

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