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A new lease of life

Easter is a time of new life and new beginnings and it is evident that this new lease of life is being experienced at Little Stoke Baptist Church.

Since becoming Minister of LSBC in August last year, minister Rev. Tania Vaughan says that what began as a slow realisation for the community that the building was indeed open soon led to a sense that the people within were very much alive and welcoming.

Easter Saturday afternoon was a beautiful day that many people in the community enjoyed at the LSBC Easter Event. Children making chocolate nests, doing craft and playing in the building as parents sat and chatted over coffee and hot cross buns.

Outside the car park was turned into a play area where adults chatted in the sun, children played games and both tried to hook a duck, which was not as easy as it looked!

Some of the children planted sunflowers along the hedgerow so that over the coming weeks they can watch new life grow.

On Easter Sunday a new lease of life became eternal life as we saw our first baptism for a number of years. Easter is a time that we, as Christians, celebrate the resurrection life of Jesus by which we can experience a new life of forgiveness, love and acceptance. The waters of baptism symbolise the beginning of that new life.

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