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New Hope for a New Year

Happy 2023

The theme for Christmas at Little Stoke Baptist Church (LSBC) was “Hope is Born”.

It is a message that doesn’t stop there, this new hope is a gift offered to you right into this New Year.

In January you are invited to take a journey which explores the New Hope that was born.

Hope Explored is a three session event answering questions about the one hope that does not disappoint.

It is an introduction to Christianity, a safe space to ask questions or just listen

without any pressure to answer questions. There is no hard sell and you are free to hear and

then walk away, follow up will only happen if requested.

The three sessions are; Hope, Peace & Purpose.

There is both a daytime and evening opportunity to discover more.

Tuesday evenings at 7pm on 17th & 24th January and 14th February

Wednesday afternoons at 2pm on 18th & 25th January and 15th February

The course if free but you do need to book

Just register your interest via the website

WhatsApp 07878 255901 or messenger Facebook @littlestokebaptist

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