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Thy Kingdom Come
Prayer Events

This year we are joining the global movement of prayer

Thy Kingdom Come

Jesus sends his disciples out to proclaim his message of healing.

What do you need?

Healing? Emotional, spiritual & physical

Freedom from darkness, addictions and habits

Prayer Launch Event Thursday 9th May 7-8pm

Times of open prayer spaces

Friday 10th May 10-11am

Saturday 11th May 10-11am

Sunday 12th May - 10.30am service (prayer available after)

Monday 13th May 3-5pm

Tuesday 14th May 10-11am

Wednesday 15th May 11am-12

Thursday 16th May 1-2pm & 7-8pm

Friday 17th May 4-5pm

Saturday 18th May 10-11am

Sunday 19th May 10am before the 10.30am Pentecost and baptism service Prayer will also be available after the service

Washing Hands


Are there things in your life that you want to be cleansed from? Things that make you feel hurt, unclean, ashamed. Jesus offers cleansing from the sins in our lives. Come and pray and in the act of hand washing experience cleansing and healing for your soul.

Image by Alicia Quan


The death and resurrection of Jesus is the way to new life. Through his death on the cross you can know forgiveness and a transformed life. 

Come and pray before the cross leaving your old life behind and accepting the gift of new life.

Image by Jeremy Bishop


Jesus died for all of humanity but many still have not come to him. Do you have friends and family who still need to know Jesus. Come and pray before our tree for your loved ones and add their names to the tree for further prayer by our team.

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