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Drop off and drop in

With Little Stoke Primary just a few steps away I often see a gathering after drop off at the top of the road as people stop to chat. Wouldn't it be lovely if you could continue that chat over a cuppa and a piece of cake?

Come on in

Starting in May Thursday Coffee morning will be opening at 9am so you can drop off the kids and drop in for a cuppa. Did you know there is already toys available for toddlers so don't worry if you want to bring younger ones with you.

The space is really informal with a mix of people and ages, some sitting and chatting while eating cake and drinking coffee, others doing craft projects, comparing Pinterest boards and generally taking some time out to relax. Nearly everyone at some point gets a nuzzle from the church dog and sneak him a biscuit!

Just drop in any Thursday from 5th May until the summer holidays. If you want to check it out beforehand you're more than welcome, children are always welcome to come with you in the school holidays. It might just be the space you need to catch up with old friends or meet new ones.

Any questions or you just want to get in touch you can call or WhatsApp Reverend Tania on 07878 255901.

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