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Finding a Focus

In deciding to search for a new church minister, the church community had to find their focus.

In order to find the right person to become the new minister of Little Stoke Baptist Church, we as a church needed to be clear as to the direction and call of the church. Since it's beginnings in the 50's the church had sought to be an integral part of the community.

Our vision is to move the church forward into the next generation with a new phase of ministry, life and outreach into the local community.

After refurbishing our building we wanted to ensure that it once again became a place for the community.

Reaching Community

It is our desire to share the Good News of God’s life changing love with the people and community in Little Stoke and surrounding area. We are looking at ways that through friendship, we can help people find faith in Jesus Christ.

We are also looking at new practical ways that the Church can be relevant and engage with people who have no church background. It was important to us that the new minister had the same heart for the community.

It was with this in mind that we began our search for a new minister for Little Stoke Baptist Church.

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